I have lived in Roeland Park since 2014 and am ready to be part of the solution to keep building a stronger community here at home.

Over the past 13 years, my career has been in Human Resources. That experience has provided me the opportunity to work with individuals from the blue-collar work force and office administrators to C level executives and department chairs. For that reason, I believe that I can best represent all of the people in Roeland Park while we share our ideas about how to stay focused on, and resolve, the key issues facing our city.


  • Mike Kelly, Mayor of Roeland Park
  • Jen Hill, Roeland Park City Councilor Ward 2
  • Rui Xu, State Representative for KS 25th District
  • Tri-County Labor Council of Eastern Kansas
  • Kansas Young Dems
  • Victory Fund
  • Equality Kansas 



Roe 2020

I support the Roe 2020 project because it will address our aging infrastructure and make east west pedestrian travel across Roe safer and more comfortable for neighbors.

Improvements along the City’s most heavily traveled corridor conveys to visitors and neighbors Roeland Park’s commitment to providing quality infrastructure designed for all ages and ability.   

Attracting New Businesses

The discussion around how we create a downtown atmosphere in Roeland Park is really taking shape. Since I moved to Roeland Park 6 years ago, I’ve consistently said that we need to find ways to keep our dollars local and bring in more revenue from our neighboring cities. Bringing back retail shops and restaurants is how we do that and I will fight to make it happen when elected to city council. 

 This kind of progress won’t happen overnight and we have to recognize that. But, now is the time to start putting our big ideas into action! Every day we hold off on the improvements to our city, is another day that the price tag for new developments goes up. We need to start making the investment now in our city so that our families can stay here rather than packing up the car and heading to a neighboring city with better facilities and businesses.

Cost of Housing 

I want to see Roeland Park grow and become a stronger community, but it can’t be at the cost of those on limited incomes. We need to provide our struggling neighbors and new families wanting to move here with affordable, clean, and well-maintained places to live.

Finding ways to address the rising cost of housing in Johnson County will be crucial to keeping the cost of renting and owning a home in Roeland Park fair for everyone. One of the keys to this situation is ensuring that we have new forms of revenue from retail and restaurant businesses. Those new sales tax dollars can be used to offset some of the rising costs and help keep our neighbors on limited incomes in their homes. 

Updating Our Parks and Pool

I have lived in Roeland Park for 6 years and have heard about the need to update our parks and pool with little action taking place. I don't want to wait another 6 years, or longer, to make the move for better facilities so our neighbors aren't going out of town to enjoy the outdoors.

I am in favor a sensible bonding to help pay for the city updates in a timely manner. The price of materials and labor continues to rise every day we wait and our citizens deserve public spaces that are up to date.